Annodata Matchplay

The only National Golf Club Team Competition in the UK. All Golf clubs in England, Scotland & Wales can enter 5 man / 5 Lady team in the Matchplay Knockout format.  
For the third year running High Elms have entered 2 teams.
Nigel Featherstone will be running High Elms 1
Simon Farquhar & Glen Vaughan are running High Elms 2


Preliminary Round
High Elms 1 (bye)
High Elms 2 lost to Slinfold at home 1.5 to 3.5

Round 1
Lamberhurst Golf Club 1.5 v High Elms 3.5 – Sunday 19th May @ 1pm
Great result gentlemen, and away from home too. Also it was great to hear how much you enjoyed the course.
Paul Fawcett (captain)
John Jackson
Billy Gascoigne
Craig Baldini
Stewart Copeland

Round 2
High Elms v Dartford
Date to be agreed…