Annodata Matchplay

The only National Golf Club Team Competition in the UK. All Golf clubs in England, Scotland & Wales can enter 5 man / 5 Lady team in the Matchplay Knockout format.  
For the third year running High Elms have entered 2 teams.
Nigel Featherstone will be running High Elms 1
Simon Farquhar & Glen Vaughan are running High Elms 2


Preliminary Round
High Elms 1 (bye)
High Elms 2 lost to Slinfold at home 1.5 to 3.5

Round 1
Lamberhurst Golf Club 1 v High Elms 1 – Sunday 19th May @ 1pm
Good luck gentlemen
Paul Fawcett (captain)
John Jackson
Billy Gascoigne
Craig Baldini
Stewart Copeland