What We Offer

High Elms is a public golf course and is open to anyone. If you just want to play the course, you can book a tee time by ringing the pro shop on 01689 858175. However, if you’d like to widen your circle of playing partners or challenge your game by taking part in competitions then you should consider becoming a member of High Elms Golf Club.

We are a friendly club that organises a number of events throughout the year. As a member you would be able to take part in these events and competitions. The club is open to men and women, young and old. We have three very active sections: Ladies, Mens and Seniors (for men over 60).

High Elms Golf Club is affiliated to the England Golf (EG) which is the organising body for men’s and women’s golf in England. As a member of EG you will be eligible to obtain a Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) handicap. If you don’t have a handicap, then as a member, you just need to submit 3 cards to the handicap secretary and they will sort out a handicap for you. A CONGU handicap is universally recognised as the only official handicap for any player from the British Isles. Amongst other benefits, a CONGU handicap allows entry to the various open competitions at different clubs around the country.

The club also organizes matches against other clubs. We take part in national events organised by the NAPGC (National Association of Public Golf Courses) as well as friendlies against local clubs. The club also takes part in local leagues and national knockout competitions.

In addition, a number of “swindles” operate at weekends. These are informal competitions organised by the members starting at different times. They also have different entry fees that go into the pot, ranging from £5 to £10. This money is then paid out to the winners on the day. The earliest swindle starts pretty much at sunrise and the latest starts at 9am on a Sunday. The various swindles have different rules and regulations regarding handicaps and how the competitions are organised and prizes are paid out. However, the one rule they all have is that you need to be a member of the club to play in the “swindle”.